Park and overnight

In Spain, more and more municipalities are setting up service areas for motorhomes , where you can park and sleep, and they are equipped with the necessary services, many of wich are free.

If you can’t find areas to sleep, another option can be a campsite or a well illuminated part onthe outskirts of town, highway service areas are generally not recommended.

It is very important to know that you can park anywhere, as long as you are legally parked, but DO NOT CAMP, this means that you cannot remove awnings, tables, chairs or open side windows,nor can you exceed the dimensions of the vehicle . Even so, it is always advisable to find out if there is any express restriction on the site you are going to visit.

When parking always try to find a place as flat as possible.

Organize the route

Before traveling by motorhome, the first thing is to plan a route always taking into account the type of vehicle you are going to drive and the weather forecast, especially if it is the first departure to be able to enjoying as much as possible.

The good thing about traveling by motorhome is that you can always change the destination at the last moment and improvise the trip.

Equip the motorhome

Our motorhomes come with everything you need so you don’t have to worry about anything other than packing your suitcase and enjoying the experience. In addition to our equipment, you can also take bicycles, either in the spacious garage or on the bike rack and they are highly recommended for moving from you motorhome location to any sites you may wish to visit.

Always distribute the load in a balanced manner and correctly secure the objects that will be carried inside the vehicle.Always check that all the doors, drawers and windows are closed to be able to travel in the safest possible way .

Drive a motorhome

When driving a motorhome you must always take into account the dimensions of the vehicle, height and length. With regard to height, always pay attention to bridges, roofs, balconies and height signs. Regarding length, be careful with turns or very tight curves and at the same time checking the rear of the motorhome through the rear-view mirrors.

When we are going to overtake another heavy vehicle, you must be careful when passing it and if the vehicle sticks to it a lot, since you will notice a small movement.

Beaware of gusts of wind, where you must reduce speed. When parking, the rear camera will be of great help, although we recommend that a companion help you park since sometimes there are dead spots visible with the rear camera.

Maintenance of the motorhome

The maintenance that must be done in a motorhome during the trip is the emptying of the gray water tank, the chemical toilet and the refilling of clean water. All this is done in the service areas for motorhomes or campsites. It is important to have a few areas or zones planned on the route for it so as not to have to go looking for having the residual tanks full or the clean ones empty. Although we have an extensive network of areas for it in some areas they are more scarce.

With regard to electricity, the motorhomes have a battery in the house, it is rechargeable with the vehicle’s engine or with the solar panel, it is necessary to control the current consumption in the switchboard to avoid having problems. As a last resort you can recharge in motorhome areas with power outlets or at a campsite.

The most important advice is to ENJOY the trip to the fullest and take advantage of every moment, it will be an unforgettable experience !!